Dinner at Schualhus

Dinner at Schualhus

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Brooklyn Fare meets the Austrian Alps!

Max Natmessnig cooked for 4 1/2 years for César Ramirez in one of the best restaurants in the Western Hemishpere, Chef's Table at Brooklyn Fare. There he learned to focus, the techniques of the Grand Master and the respect for great ingredients.

When he moved into the Austrian Alps, he intelligently translated these learning into his new environment. The result is simply the BEST RESTAURANT in Austria.

It all starts with his ingredients, sourced mostly from the West of Austria, from selected suppliers. His creativity and fine calibrated palate enables Max to create phenomenal dishes. A blood sausage in a completely new form and texture, paired with a veal tongue and red current elevates a peasant food to a fine-dining experience. A egg royal with local perch and crayfish rivals some of the best chawanmushis I have eaten in high-end kaiseki restaurants in Japan.

All of this embedded in Austrian hospitality and casual easiness makes this meal an extraordinary experience.

Go there, in the winter and in the summer!

10 / 10