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7 / 10
on 30 Apr 2020

Back at the best Edomae sushi in Fukuoka. I love the style of Setsuo Funahashi. I also love his humble, gentle personality. He welcomes each guest with his warm personality. And he is a really good sushi chef.
His shari uses one special rice vinegar and he sources most of his neta locally.
A great place for a sushi meal for lunch or dinner.

8 / 10
on 12 Nov 2019

Second visit at Chef Setsuo Funahashi sushiya. Great place with great hospitality. The composition of his menu is slightly different as he mixes otsumami dishes with nigiris.
It is great to watch him prepare and season the shari during the serving when he needs more. The deliberate focus of how he treats the rice encompasses the importance of rice in the Japanese culture.
This place is only a short bus ride from the station so it is easy to reach and worth a detour.

9 / 10
on 27 Jul 2018

Chef Setsuo Funahashi is a third-generation master and is pursuing the refined pre-Edo sushi style.
He creates sushi using fresh seafood collected in Kitakyushu but uses for the seasoning a rice vinegar from Akasu which is especially and only produce for him.
His shari is on the acidic side (which I like) and the nets cut flawlessly. The tomago was served as a rice-egg sandwich which I have not encountered before.

Recommended in Kitakyushu


1 Chome-4-31 Adachi, Kokurakita-ku, Kitakyūshū-shi, Fukuoka-ken 802-0042, Japan


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+81 93 531 2442