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Kazuo Morita



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on 25 Dec 2022

Just for those who are interested, if you are ever at Komatsu Yasuke, you can order their chirashizushi (pic 1) for your friends (or yourself), which was really delicious and so reasonable price (less than ¥6000 yen, totally a steal!) But this is only available for those who dine there, not for just takeout.

And in the restaurant they made a special roll - とろなら巻 Toro Nara Maki (pic 2), a roll with toro and narazuke (pickled daikon marinated with sake kasu). Never had it before elsewhere... More

on 25 Dec 2022

Merry Christmasl🎄🎁❤️ I am feeling very grateful for this season, because I got to spend my Christmas’ eve lunch at Komatsu Yasuke in Kanazawa, where Morita san was making sushi for all the guests. At 92 years old, he cannot do all 3 sessions of lunches but he still insists on being present at one round and whips up nigiris for over 20 guests. He still slices the three layers of squid himself with his magnificent knife skills, and rolls up the ウナキュウ巻unakyu maki (unagi and cucumber... More

7 / 10
on 04 Jul 2021

Legendary sushi master. Quick, delicious and unique for the personality of one of the greatest living sushi masters.

on 20 Mar 2021

The legend! I am always stunned by the energy and good spirit this man has. What a personality.

on 01 Apr 2020

(SWIPE FOR MORE PICS) There are still good things happening these days to be happy about. Last week Morita san of Komatsu Yasuke turned 89! Kanazawa seems to be blessed, still relatively safe from negativity. And blessed to have Morita san.
He was still so fast and no one at the counter could beat his speed. His hearing was still so good the customer half his age couldn’t catch as many words as he did. He still remembered I super loved his unakyu (grilled eel and cucumber roll) and always reminded... More

on 16 Dec 2019

12.2019 ~ 金沢 Kanazawa 🇯🇵 〜 @[instagram] 小松弥助,金沢 Komatsu Yasuke, Kanazawa (12.2019, 10回目 10th visit)

One of the most touching experiences I had at Komatsu Yasuke yesterday. Normally there are 3 sessions at lunch, from 11:00, then 13:00pm and 14:30. It was my first time to take the 3rd session of the day, and 88-year-old Morita san had been serving full packed restaurant with 20 customers in each of the two previous services. Our session was fully occupied too.

And he... More

8 / 10
on 04 Aug 2018

Visit to one of the legends of Sushi in Japan. Morita-san, well over 80 years old, has a mischievous humour and is very friendly. This creates an atmosphere which is unlike many other places in Tokyo which is like a mass in church.
His nigiri have plenty of air in them and are maybe not as precisely cut but they taste is very good as the combination with the shari is perfect.
I do hope that Morita-san will stay healthy and fit, so we can enjoy his sushi for many more years.

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Japan, 〒920-0853 Ishikawa-ken, Kanazawa-shi, Honmachi, 2 Chome−17−21 金沢茶屋別館 1F


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+81 76-231-1001