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Davide Caranchini


Creative, Progressive Italian

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on 04 Jan 2024

Game season @materia_ristorante part 2/2

- Mallard stew, oyster, sea fennel, cashew -
- Hare meatballs, savoy cabbage, wild boar -
- Venison, endive, hazelnut, whiskey, chocolate -
- Feathered game with orange -
- Hare & Dark chocolate cake -
- Crème caramel, 2 times white truffle -

Situated near Lake Como, @davidecaranchini makes a foodtastic game menu for you 🙏🥰

on 03 Jan 2024

Game season @materia_ristorante

- Raw shrimp, hare carpione, pepper, thyme -
- Roe deer, caviar, cauliflower, spruce -
- Pheasant, bitter salad, sunflower, rocket -
- Pigeon, radicchio, almond, wild pepper -
- BBQ salad, truffle, mushroom, red fruits -
- Smoked risotto, birch syrup, fermented truffle -
- Mushrooms soup -

Situated near Lake Como, @davidecaranchini makes a foodtastic game menu for you 🙏🥰

on 23 Nov 2021

Marrow & saffron
Another visit to ⭐️ @materia_ristorante in Cernobbio just a stones throw from Lake Como. I visited in 2020 and really enjoyed the meal, and with such a young and ambitious chef I was keen to check in post lockdown (June 21) . @davidecaranchini was unable to open outdoors when restrictions were slightly relaxed so I think he had only been open for maybe a week or two when we visited in June. Some new dishes and some dishes I recognised from last time,... More

on 07 Apr 2021

A place where chef Davide Caranchini play with the territorial cuisine and influence. Making his circular cuisine.
A totally new approach to the Italian cuisine and traditions that mix talent and knowledge of the young chef. Playing with bitterness, acidity, rancid, fermentation and a lot of more. He create plates that reflect his personality.

on 25 Nov 2020

Petit fours
Lunch last month at ⭐️ @materia_ristorante near Lake Como where young chef Davide Caranchini draws on influences both from the local Lake Como area and his experiences working at restaurants such as Le Gavroche and Noma. Overall a really enjoyable meal with several standout dishes including a sea urchin custard with veal brain foam and caper powder, lamb with cucumber, sesame and caviar and an outstanding pasta dish of linguini with butter, agone fish sauce and amchoor.... More

on 23 Feb 2020

After the meal, Chef @davidecaranchini sat down and talked to us a bit and it became clear on how his past experience shaped his cuisines. He worked at Maze by Gordon Ramsay, Le Gavroche by Michel Roux Jr and the l’Apsleys by Heinz Beck, which explained the very strong technical French / Italian aspect of his dishes, while his stage at Noma translated to the different fermentation or Nordic touches and more provocative use of ingredients. Coming from a young chef I can understand why... More

9 / 10
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on 29 Dec 2019

Recommended in Cernobbio


Via V Giornate, 32, 22012 Cernobbio CO, Italy


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