Lunch at Kimoto (紀茂登)

Lunch at Kimoto (紀茂登)

with Gerhard Huber at Kimoto (紀茂登) on 7 December 2018
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Very delicious lunch with lots of high quality ingredients and precise execution. Pricing, though, was shockingly high.

Full account of lunch is here:

9 / 10

Female snow crab with rice (せいこ蟹飯)

Charcoal grilled horsehead tilefish and Ise lobster (白甘鯛炭火焼 伊勢海老炙り)

Simmered snow crab meat with tomalley

Roast Mallard duck (真鴨の焼き)

Turnip simmered in konbu dashi (昆布出汁蕪)

Miyazaki beef chateaubriand (宮崎牛のシャトーブリアン)

Blowfish porridge (ふぐの雑炊)