Ho-hum lunch at RAW

Ho-hum lunch at RAW

with Gerhard Huber at Raw on 20 May 2018
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4th visit. Less interesting than my 3rd visit. Didn't "get" some of the dishes.

Full account of lunch is here: http://www.diarygrowingboy.com/2018/05/taipei-michelin-hop-bongwater-with-lunch.html

6 / 10

Freshest, Taiwan, milk (凝乳, 脆皮湯葉, 乳清)

Prawn, mioga, peas (胭脂蝦, 茗荷, 甜豆)

Enoki, scallop, smoked basil (金針菇, 熟成干貝, 煙燻羅勒)

Caviar aubergine, silver fish, crispy noodles (田樂燒, 吻仔魚, 香脆麵) - DIY instant noodles...

Cauliflower, Cherry duck, seaweed (白花椰, 櫻桃鴨, 海藻) - overcooked