My best Korean meal ever at La Yeon

My best Korean meal ever at La Yeon

with Grace Chen and Jason Wang at Continental on 27 August 2017
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Simply the finest, most elegant meal of Korean cuisine I have ever had. Completely breaks the stereotypical image of Korean cuisine all about chili and everything is red because of gochujang.

Of course, getting VIP treatment from the chef and the hotel doesn't hurt, either!

Full description of our dinner is here:

10 / 10

Platter of nine delicacies (구절판)

Croaker porridge with seaweed (민어 어죽)

Royal hot pot (신선로)

Char-grilled Korean beef sirloin with pickled onion and seasonal vegetables (등심구이)

Hot pot rice with vegetables and abalone (전복 비빔 솥밥)