Dinner with Mr. OAD

Dinner with Mr. OAD

at Neighborhood on 23 May 2019
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The boss pulls out all the stops when Mr. Plotnicki comes to town. An amazing feast that threatened to put me in the emergency room of a hospital from having too much food.

Full account of the dinner is here:

9 / 10

Sardines / Jerez vinegar - absolutely beautiful

Aquitaine beef tartare / caviar / bone marrow - wonderful combination spread on sourdough bread

Fried baby artichokes

Mactra antiquata / chorizo / teardrop peas - giant short-necked clams

Soupe de poisson / mandarin peel

Salt-baked virgin mud crabs

Honey roasted eel / pickled onions / ginger

Salt baked chicken rice / flathead lobsters / morel / white asparagus - signature dish with the addition of flathead lobsters

Roast French baby lamb saddle