Birthday dinner at Amber

Birthday dinner at Amber

at Amber on 7 October 2017
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Celebrating gf's birthday at one of our favorite restaurants. Richard Ekkebus never disappoints, even when he's not in the kitchen.

There's a very indulgent caviar tart to kick off the dinner. The octopus, langoustine, and other dishes are good, too.

Full account of dinner is here:

9 / 10

Schrenki-dauricus caviar: leek, crème fraiche and feuille de brick served like a fine tart

Langoustine: minced over airated aka uni, schrenki caviar, poached jicama, kabu and Granny Smith fricassée

Cantabrian octopus: grilled over charcoal, coulis of fermented bell pepper with pearl onions and octopus cooking juice emulsion