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The 50 Top Pizza Europe 2020 list, ranking the best pizzerias in Europe (excluding Italy) compiled by 50 Top Pizza took place in a live-streamed event last night with 50 Kalò by Ciro Salvo in London taking the top spot for a second consecutive year.

The 50 Top Pizza Europe 2020 list, ranking the best pizzerias in Europe (excluding Italy) compiled... More

With so many restaurants now shuttered as a result of the coronavirus emergency, some are pivoting to alternative ways to engage with their customers, while other restaurants re-activate their existing delivery and take out channels.

With more people staying at home all day, food can become a focal point. So, why not get excited about dinner time and... More

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People have always loved food. According to Wikipedia, we may have started preparing our food with fire 2 million years ago, though archaeological evidence for that point back to 1 million years ago. Plating, however, appeared much later. In Ancient Rome, banquets were important social events focusing on both live performances and food...
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People have been writing down their experiences for many centuries. One of the earliest works that displays the characteristics of a diary, according to Wikipedia, is Meditations, a series of personal writings of the Roman Emperor Marcus Aurelius. He wrote notes and ideas on Stoic Philosophy in the second half of the 2nd century AD. Diaries of...
Social media have rapidly evolved since 1997 when the first social network website SixDegrees was launched. As with all new things, the beginning was a little chaotic. Myspace rose to fame and then went into oblivion. LinkedIn has shown slow and steady growth. Others have a seemingly unstoppable meteoric rise – Facebook, YouTube,...