Lunch at Cheval Blanc

Lunch at Cheval Blanc

at Cheval Blanc on 20 September 2017
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Cheval Blanc
Traveled to Basel specially to sample Chef Peter Knogl`s food. Our table was booked for lunch and that day we were the only guests in the restaurant, which only has 10 tables. We had therefor the full and undivided attention of the Maitre and the waiter. Menu has been explained with all details, we have chosen from the a`la carte selection. Classic french cooking with a 21st century twist.
Duck liver with fig confit, earl grey and cassis gelee, sweetbread with yuzu foam and shitake mushroom, pigeon from Bresse and fillet of turbot. All cooked to perfection with harmonious flavoring. The pigeon is one of the signature dishes of the Chef, it was nothing we have ever tasted before, the texture of the meat was unbelievable. The plate compositions were like art, colorful yet elegant and clean. Service was friendly but very professional with great knowledge of all dishes and wines. Very memorable visit and very well deserved 3 Michelin stars.

9 / 10

Pigeon de Bresse By Peter Knogl

Sweetbread with Yuzu foam and Shitake Mushroom

Duck Liver with Fig Confit with Earl Grey and Cassis Gelee