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Dinner at Sorn ศรณ์

Dinner at Sorn ศรณ์

at Sorn on 12 March 2024
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📍Sorn┆🇹🇭Bangkok, Thailand┆🌈Tasting Menu ディナーコース (THB 6,500 / person)┆𝗣𝗮𝗿𝘁 2 / 2

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👩🏻‍🍳┆Southern Thai Fusion · 南タイ料理
🏷┆@sornfinesouthern @ice_supaksorn #ศรณ์
💰┆THB 7,000~THB 8,000🌛
👣┆Smart Casual · スマートカジュアル
📅┆Book Online (Details Below) ·予約困難
✍️┆Food 10/10 · Service 10/10 · Vibe 10/10

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“Sorn” is currently one of the hottest restaurants in Bangkok, and their innovative dishes feature authentic southern Thai flavours in the most unique way🔥 Reservations are difficult to book but not impossible - keep an eye out on their page @sornfinesouthern for booking instructions🤞

The highlight of the latter half of our meal at “Sorn” was the off-menu special, the “Blue Crab Curry”👑 Not a single part of the blue crab is wasted, as it is used to create an umami-rich broth that is steamed in a claypot with rice, crab meat, crab roe and fresh coconut milk💯 It is served with a delicious crab curry simmered in homemade curry paste and coconut milk🤤

① 🦀Claypot Cooked Blue Crab Rice
② 🦀Blue Crab Curry
③ 🦐Nakhon Si Thammarat Temple Fair
(Tiger Prawn, Stinky Bean, Pickled Garlic,
Cashew Nut, Bird’s Eye Chilli)
④ 🫛Charcoal Grilled String Bean, Cat Fish, Pork
⑤ 🍳Crab Omelette
⑥ 🐓Southern Green Curry with Chicken Wings
⑦ 🥫Canned Fruit: Marian Plum
⑧, ⑨ 🧁Petit Fours
⑩ 🌳Exteriors

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バンコクで現在一番ホットなお店「Sorn(ソーン)」❤️‍🔥 メニューはタイの南部地域のフレーバーをイノベーティブに活かしたおまかせコース一択✨ 現地の人でさえ予約が全く取れないと言われていますが、海外観光客の予約方法は更に難易度が高く、一ヶ月に一度お店のSNSにて投稿され、飛行機やホテルの予約確認メールなどを添付して応募するスタイルです😲

バンコクの名店「Sorn」の後半で最も印象に残ったのが、裏メニューの「Blue Crab Curry(アオガニのカレー)」👏 土鍋ご飯はアオガニの、身、卵、甲羅の出汁、そしてフレッシュなココナッツミルクで炊いた絶品🍚 カレーは出来立ての自家製カレーペーストとココナッツミルクと煮た、旨味の詰まった仕上がり🥥 終始感動の連続で、機会があれば定期的に伺いたいと思います🥹

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