Dinner at Rose's Luxury

Dinner at Rose's Luxury

at Rose's Luxury on 5 September 2023
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3) Pork and Lychee Salad ❤️

This might be the strangest salad I’ve ever eaten. On the surface level, given the eclectic components, it doesn’t seem like it should work. But the combined taste of the ingredients is truly marvelous. In hindsight, the creativity behind the dish is ingenious. No wonder it has endured on the menu since the beginning 🤤😋

Sing hi hi ho, for a guy friends called Art and a gal they called Rose
Their spirits inspired this restaurant, to their memories we always toast! 🍾🥂

Sing hey, nonny no for the grandson favored most
Aaron is the owner and chef and sometimes also the host 🕺

When you dine here, the awesome staff delivers like no other
A grand time for all, even the most difficult of mothers 👵

So won’t you reserve and come dressed to impress?
Chef Silverman and team promise to give their very best! 👏

At 717 8th St SE is the gathering place for fun
A cocktail to start but there is much more to come! 🍹

Let’s have great food and drinks, maybe even sing and dance 💃
We’ll get cozy and intimate for sure without dropping our pants 😆

Here, we choose pleasure over perfection and fancy over formal
Because when you spend time with us, things never turn out normal 😂

So what do you think, all you fine ladies and gents?
You might arrive as strangers, but you'll surely leave as friends! 🤝

(As inspired by one of Rose’s dinner party invitations)
@michelinguide for 2022: 🌟

@oadtop100: No. 74 on the “North America Top Restaurants” list for 2023
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