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Patrick Kriss


French - Asian

Foodle Reviews

on 23 Apr 2019

Another excellent meal at @alorestaurant. Focused, delicious, technically flawless food. A front of the house that’s so polished, and yet so friendly, that you don’t even realize they’re working. A must go. Thank you, @patrickkriss, @chef_nick06, @brittanyvorourke, and the whole delightful team.

8 / 10
on 14 Dec 2018

This place only opened in 2015 but has achieved international accolades in a very short time. One wonders the miracles of their PR team to achieve this.
However, Patrick Kriss manages to match those accomplishments in his kitchen. The menu is well composed, internationally designed (for lack of a better word as there is probably no Canadian cuisine). The flavours are bold but well layered and the execution with any faults.
I liked sitting at the bar counter directly in front of the kitchen. One... More

on 27 Sep 2018

A few dishes from last night’s dinner at @alorestaurant. Thanks as always to @patrickkriss, @chef_nick06, and the whole delightful crew there. Really top notch.

on 24 Mar 2018

Pictures of my fantastic meal at Alo Restaurant in Toronto. This contemporary French restaurant is the best expression of what Toronto has to offer as a dining destination.

on 05 Oct 2017

A few favorites from another perfect meal at @alorestaurant. These folks are doing world class food.

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163 Spadina Ave, Toronto, ON M5V 2L6, Canada


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+1 416-260-2222