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James Close


Modern British, Modern European

Foodle Reviews

on 01 Oct 2021

‘Nigiri - Tokyo’
An incredible lunch at ⭐️⭐️ @therabyhunt up near Darlington. This really was one of the best meals I can remember having over the past 18 months. With incredible small bites at the start of the meal all amazingly being perfect in my opinion, I was sure there was no way that this level could be kept up throughout the meal but it was. Every dish was flawless. Dishes inspired by chef patron James Close’s travels. An idea is born and over time him and his team... More

8 / 10
on 22 Aug 2020

A pleasant ⭐️ ⭐️ lunch at the Raby Hunt in the north east of England. I suppose you could say it was my first proper meal out after the original lockdown! The menu is split up into 3 sections; global, signature and pastry. There were some low lights such as the foie gras burger but the majority were highlights such as the squab dish and the Paris-Brest Mille- feuille.
Overall, it was very enjoyable experience with well executed dishes and well worth going out of the way for!

8 / 10
on 07 Jan 2017

From the outside the Raby Hunt appears house and pub-like and on the inside, holds a very small bar and double-living room sized dining room.  The tasting menu only option is a collection of small sized offerings, some of which are painstakingly crafted, not least the garden salad dish using 40 different herbal and vegetable elements taking a reported (approx) 30 minutes to prepare.  This dish, along with the sea bream were outstanding and the bite size courses were all, bar one, pleasant... More


Summerhouse, Darlington DL2 3UD, UK


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+44 1325 374237