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on 07 Nov 2019

My first return to my old favorite, @restaurant_lume, since @j_hnrivera fully took over and changed the menu, and concept. The food was excellent, of course. However it feels a bit odd that they kept the name, as it truly feels like a completely different restaurant. Concept, pace, interior, and flavors are all different, along with many staff. Don’t get me wrong, I had a great dinner, but perhaps it’s time to embrace a new identity along with all the other changes.

on 06 Sep 2017

Another stellar meal at @restaurant_lume. Absolutely world class food, and one of the best crews of people that I've ever encountered. A "hop on a plane" quality meal and experience.


226 Coventry St, South Melbourne VIC 3205, Australia


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+61 3 9690 0185