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Restaurant Cosmos is on the must-see list of any foodie visiting Sofia. Their motto is: "A place where we create and transform. Flavors. Experiences. Ourselves. Exploring the vast universe of tastes and creating our own version of Bulgarian cuisine. " and one can admit, they are very good in achieving this. The location is perfect, in the very center of Sofia, in the old area, though parking spot could be an issue. Everything they offer is typical Bulgarian, but really done in an innovative way. Don/t forget to try also all the different cocktails, they are offering since there are some real surprises and experiences. They change their menu on each three months. Their chef team is interesting and experienced, some of them worked in 1 and 2 star Michelin restaurants within Europe.
The only element, I'd put as an item for improvement is to have a summer garden. They did some attempts, but there is much more to be achieved in this direction.


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on 10 Feb 2019

Incredible deserts from Cosmos. Perfect service. Really enjoyed it.

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on 13 Jan 2018

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Lavele St 19, 1000 Sofia Center, Sofia, Bulgaria


Open hours


+359 88 820 0700