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Bistro Entrée was opened in 2018. It is cozy and offers a limited number of tables and interesting and frequently changing menu, which gives you the option to go there frequently and still try new things, so you never get bored. They are quite strict with the origin of their ingredients, in order to offer high quality of their menu items. Staff is friendly and speaks good English. The restaurant is located in a quiet area, but it maybe challenging to find the first time you go there, so one may need an assistance from a map.

Foodle Reviews

7 / 10
on 09 Jul 2018

Very good business dinner. Everything was perfect. Once the available craft beer was over, the guy offered us beers from his own reserves.

Recommended in Sofia


ul. "Tsar Ivan Shishman" 22, 1000 Old City Center, Sofia, Bulgaria


Open hours


+359 89 672 2646