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Chukasobamarutaya Nankishirahamaten Shirahama


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on 03 May 2024

特製中華そば / Tokusei Chūka Soba / Chūka Soba Marutaya — Iwade, Wakayama

Wakayama style ramen contains a soup of pork and chicken bones, cooked over high heat for eight hours to bring out the maximum amount of flavor and richness. Medium width straight low hydration noodles are housemade with a combination of strong and medium strength wheat flours. The shoyu tare is made by simmering pork chashu in soy sauce. The chashu uses sangenton pork (a cross of three breeds), seasoned with secret... More


Japan, 〒649-2201 Wakayama, Nishimuro District, Shirahama, Katata, 2498−1 の一部


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+81 739-43-1245