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Donglaishun the Bund Branch Shanghai


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Foodle Reviews

on 03 Dec 2023

Quick yet impressive lunch at Yu Wai Tan 遇外滩 — first time having the extremely rare and seasonal double shelled crab (only available during a very short time period when 1% of the crabs can be found growing a new layer of shell which is soft and eatable while the outer hard shell is still attached). Some other highlights: eel and pigtail soup; braised Li Pu taro; super tasty and delicate nori with squid (I was told this was the best season for nori). Best meal of the trip. •

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China, Shang Hai Shi, Huang Pu Qu, Waitan, 5F CN 上海市 黄浦区 南京东路 66 66号和平商务楼 邮政编码: 200002


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