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on 30 Dec 2018

For me, undoubtedly the best and most exciting new restaurant in Seattle in 2018 is @wazseattle. Chef @hirotawara and his team are doing great work, with much more ambition and excitement to come after a New Year’s break in Japan. Today’s highlights included sesame tofu with uni and dashi gelee, sake kasu soup, and lucky New Years soba, made by @somamutsuko.

on 25 Nov 2018

Another beautiful kaiseki meal at @wazseattle. We’re so lucky to have them in Seattle. This month’s grilled course, the A5 Miyazaki Wagyu with red miso, was particularly excellent.

on 23 Aug 2018

A Feast for Summer at @wazseattle. Paired beautifully with some extremely special saké from @dewazakura_sake.

on 08 Apr 2018

Very happy to have Kaiseki back in Seattle. Looking forward to many more meals at @wazseattle.

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411 Cedar St, Seattle, WA 98121, USA


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+1 206-441-7119