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Gamou (讃岐うどん がもう) Sakaide


Average rating from 1 meal 7 / 10
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7 / 10
on 03 Jul 2020

Marugame in the Kagawa prefecture not only has one of the 12 original Japanese castles left but is also famous for its Udon. Udon noddles are made out of wheat like most ramen noodles, but are thicker, springy and get served with a very light broth. Usually one does not add a lot of toppings as the noodle by themselves do the job of filling you up while being really easy on the stomach.
Now here is this place in the middle of nowhere with a staggering Tabelog rating of 4.02(!) which can only be... More

on 10 Oct 2017

When we arrived, the shop was already completely full of early-bird locals and Japanese tourists happily eating their noodle bowls. It's all very fast paced - you order, you slurp, and you leave. They usually sell out within several hours due to their constant popularity. You get to make 2 choices - hot/cold noodles and small/medium/large size bowl. From there, you can add your own condiments and toppings (i.e. tempura, fried bean curd). Minutes later, we were enjoying some of the best udon of our... More


Japan, 〒762-0023 Kagawa-ken, Sakaide-shi, 加茂町Kamochō, 420−1


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+81 877-48-0409