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Masashi Yamada


Regional Cuisine (Other), Kappo (Traditional Japanese), Seafood, Regional

Foodle Reviews

on 10 May 2021

2014 DRC Grands-Echezeaux グラン エショゾー
A series of unfortunate / fortunate events led us to ordering this bottle, but ultimately, the baby in the background told us us order it.... you can see how happy he is. Stemmy, floral bouquet and tonnes of spice. We did a PnP on this and it was surprisingly approachable. The intensity of the primary fruit was high, with red and dark berries dominating... smoky, minerally.. decent finish. Cost a bit too much of a pretty... More

on 08 Jan 2021

Expressive and approachable at this young age, dark fruit, stemy spices, firm structure, mineral palate, textbook DRC style.

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9 / 10
on 20 Dec 2020

Winter season visit at Yanagiya, baby bear, deer and wild boar. For me this is the time to go to this restaurant, the way of cooking lends it self much more to these ingredients then the fresh water fish in the summer.
Wonderful place1

6 / 10
on 15 Jun 2020

Dinner at the legendary Yanagiya in the Gifu mountains. First meal in the summer with a different menu compared to my winter menus there.
Ayu in three different forms, two servings of vegetable tempura, then boar and deer. All of these served with the usual hospitality and executed with the seasoned skills of the chef. They use two different types of charcoal to get the right temperature for the various fish and meats.
It does not get better than this when one wants to experience the traditional... More

8 / 10
on 11 Dec 2018

Great meal at Yanagiya. Private rooms only, cooking in open hearth, 2 different charcoals create a special heat, cooking in irori style - the food gets grilled on skewers which lean towards the heat.

on 02 Jun 2017

Japanese mountain yam rice with bonito stock and soy sauce, mukago potatoes | Tangerines
柳家 Yanagiya, Gifu (Dec 2016)


573-27 猿爪 陶町 Mizunami-shi, Gifu-ken 509-6361, Japan


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+81 572-65-2102