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Falsled Kro Millinge


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French Cuisine, Nordic


Kasper Hasse

Foodle Reviews

on 14 Jan 2023

2022 Top 10 Dishes
(No. 3 in chronological order)

Caviar, Peas, Oyster Cream, Clam Broth
Falsled Kro, Denmark
July 2022

New Nordic cuisine, like kaiseki ryori of Japan, is highly seasonal and pea makes frequent appearance in the month of July. This pea dish is particularly memorable on how layered the flavors are. With all the ingredients in a bite, the bouillon flavor first comes out, followed by saltiness and umami of caviar, sweetness of peas and then the oyster cream. Quite amazing how... More


Assensvej 513, 5642 Millinge, Denmark


+45 62 68 11 11