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7 / 10
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on 17 Jan 2020

This must be one of the most interesting dining rooms you can find. The decor is eccentric but very tasteful and it really works.
Unfortunately one cannot say the same for the food. It is very good but totally unmemorable, not one dish which amazes. Everything is perfect, the ingredients, the cooking but nothing is special.
Why this places got elevated to three star in 2019 is a riddle to me. Nothing really has changed, it is a solid two star but why push it up this year?

7 / 10
on 01 May 2015

Finally I’ve got back to do Sketch at The Lecture Room and Library properly since its promotion to two stars. The main features that hit me on this venue were the fabulously modern design of the restaurant and the theatre that was laid on in terms of the elegant service and food. The sommelier deserves a special mention as he was one of the best ones I have experienced in years and was frankly one of the best components of the evening – enough to want to go back on this count alone. The... More

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9 Conduit St, London W1S 2XG, UK


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+44 20 7659 4500