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10 / 10
on 05 Sep 2022

This Italian trained Chef produces everything from scratch during the meal. In his kitchen there is not one machine, the steam oven is used to heat up the plates. This makes the meal extremely long but very entertaining, even educational. The family of the Chef owns also a farm with 96 kettles. This farm delivers a lot if not most of the ingredients of the meal.
The food is delicious and superbly executed. There were 9 courses of which the sirloin of course takes center stage. However, all other... More

on 22 Oct 2021

Kate cuore
Located an hour from Fukuoka in Imari, the chef/owner Minato-san also has a cattle farm, so you know that the beef is going to be pretty serious. In addition, he essentially makes every single item on his menu from scratch whenever he can.. including the cheese and the pasta. The result is an outstanding meal that perhaps pushes my limits for duration, clocking in a just over 5 hours for dinner. High quality execution at the theatre-esque counter which... More

on 29 Jul 2021

Kate cuore 1st visit — a 5.5 hour dinner from 7pm to 12:30am. The restaurant is located in the tiny town of Imari in Nagasaki, over 1 hour’s drive from Fukuoka. Everything here is made from scratch — cheese, bread, pasta, ice cream etc. The experience was like watching a cooking show by an extremely focused and passionate chef with great attention to detail. Food was well executed but we did get a bit tired towards the end.. better come for lunch next time. •

#foodgasm... More

on 23 Jul 2021


1枚目: 塩とミルク
2枚目3枚目: サーロインのタルタル
4枚目: 雲丹の冷製パスタ
5枚目: 18ヶ月経産牛
6枚目: パンナコッタ

#katecuore #カテクオーレ #佐賀県グルメ #九州グルメ #伊万里牛 #チーズ #タルタル #パンナコッタ #freshcheese... More

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3997-4 Tachibanachō, Imari, Saga 848-0027, Japan


+81 955-23-1110