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Houran (鳳蘭) Hakodate


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Hakodate Shio

Foodle Reviews

7 / 10
on 08 Jul 2019

Recommended bowl: Ramen & shumai

Open since 1950, this family-run shop serves up bowls from yesteryear — an old school, authentic Hakodate shio ramen. The OG Hakodate-style clear shio soup is made from chicken bones and pork bones, and served with noodles supplied by Deguchi Seimen, cut to precisely 30 cm in length. Housemade shumai dumplings also recommended. Originally opened by Chinese immigrants. The second generation owner, old Kon-san, is currently in charge. His son, the third generation... More

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5-13 Matsukazechō, Hakodate, Hokkaido 040-0035, Japan


Open hours


+81 138-22-8086