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Suzuya Futtsu


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on 02 Jul 2023

チャーシューメン / Chashumen / Suzuya — Futtsu, Chiba

Pork soup is combined with a koikuchi Miya shoyu based tare. Miya shoyu is naturally brewed in wooden barrels using wheat grown in Chiba. Located nearby in the Sanuki area of Futtsu City, in business since 1834. Medium width straight noodles are provided by Bunmeiken, which started out as a ramen stand in Kisarazu in 1923, opening a noodle business in 1953. Topped with extra pork chashu, extra negi, menma, nori and naruto.

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92-92 Takeoka, Futtsu, Chiba 299-1621, Japan


Open hours


+81 439-67-8207