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on 11 Nov 2023

Another perfect meal at the Harbor House Inn, the food, the view, the wine, the service and the atmosphere were all exceptional. My favorite restaurant in the US atm. •

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on 18 Jun 2023

Harbor House Inn part 2 — the food: what a meal! Heavily influenced by Japanese cuisine, the attention to detail is at least at the same level as top restaurants in Tokyo. Favorite dish: abalone steamed in ash dough with offal sauce, the most tender and perfectly seasoned abalone ever. Attentive and friendly service, interesting wine pairing, definitely worth the trip. •

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7 / 10
on 17 Dec 2018

There are famous breakfast places which almost everybody raves about. On the west coast there are two for me, Sigle Threat and Harbor House. Fantastic!

7 / 10
on 16 Dec 2018

Chef Matthew Kammerer, most recently executive sous chef at San Francisco’s renowned Saison cooks a very modern cuisine with a emphasis of local sources. Most of the vegetables are grown in their garden while the fish and meat comes from local fishermen or farms.
The dining room is beautiful and overlooks a stunning cove. A wonderful places to go for a nice weekend.


5600 CA-1, Elk, CA 95432, USA


+1 800 720 7474