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Ed Tinoco



Foodle Reviews

on 15 Dec 2018

Next restaurant second part of the Alinea sequence came with plenty more surprises. The experience is packed with unexpected moments that showcase the emotional approach Grant Achatz had at that moment in time as well as it is possible to see all the connection and evolution of his cuisine through the years.

Hidden items in the center of the table, floating garnishes, edible centerpieces, a pork belly being cooked in front of you without realizing it, unique plate-ware, and a dessert plated directly... More

on 17 Jul 2018

Next restaurant started its third menu of the year with a very ambitious representation of the dishes that Alinea was making from 2005 to 2010.

My first visit to Alinea was in 2009. I was particularly very exited for this menu as it gave me the opportunity to taste dishes that I only have read in books and no other restaurant could replicate. A few dishes transported me back in time while others made me realized (again) how far ahead Grant Achatz was at that time.

It is a unique menu. Once again... More

on 21 Feb 2018

Highlighting classic and historical French dishes, French Classique menu is full of technique and flavor. Recipes that are rarely seen nowadays come to life with the expertly touch of the team at Next to even elevate them a little higher. Loved it!

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953 W Fulton Market, Chicago, IL 60607, USA


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+1 (312) 226 0858