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on 05 Jun 2020

Let’s skip forward a few months from when I was in Spain to where I am now in Germany. Not long ago, restaurants here started to cautiously open their doors to the ‘new-normal’ world of dining and I immediately started going to eat in them. I could say that this was some heroic gesture to help out struggling local businesses (in small part true 🦸‍♂️), but if I’m honest, I just wanted to feed my restaurant addiction after this 2 month enforced hiatus 🤷🏼‍♂️
The first... More

8 / 10
on 19 May 2020

Ok, I can already feel some of you judging me. Feel free to do so but please keep it to yourself unless it’s in a good spirit. Germany has, last Monday, opened a lot of it’s restaurant’s doors and this is two visits to our lovely local restaurant here in Bremen Vegesack that I made this week. Firstly to be an amazing boss and treat my sous chef Suzanne Bezuidenhoudt to a well deserved treat and secondly for some of our crew (who all live and work together) to let loose a little. I am of the... More

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Weserstraße 93, 28757 Bremen, Germany


Permanently Closed


+49 421 69891130