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Menya Ramen Bergamo


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on 17 Apr 2024

ラーメン / Ramen / Menya Ryō — Ogikubo, Tokyo

Yokohama iekei style ramen, made with rich tonkotsu-shoyu pork bone soup. Chicken oil is rendered from a mix of both young and old chickens. Noodles are supplied by Sakai Seimen. Topped with tsurushiyaki style grilled pork chashu, komatsuna (Japanese mustard spinach) and nori. White rice on the side.

Run by master Ryo Okamoto-san, who has worked at ramen shops since the time he was in high school (from 2007). He worked at the Waseda branch... More

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Via S. Bernardino, 135, 24126 Bergamo BG, Italy


Open hours


+39 035 305 8131