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Foodle Reviews

on 21 Jun 2018

Christian Eckhardt cooked 2 stars in his last place and has now found a new home, in Andernach of all places.
His restaurant is part of the Hotel Purs, a small boutique hotel designed by Axel Vervoordt who converted a building from 1677 into a very beautiful space.
The cuisine of Mr. Eckhardt is very clean, without unnecessary add-ons. His flavours are strong but well balanced and the execution is flawless.
The new team maybe needs to fine calibrate the dishes as they are a little bit on the salty side and could use more acidity.
Together with the two sister restaurants it will put Andernach on the foodie destination map.

Recommended in Andernach


Steinweg 30-32, 56626 Andernach, Germany


+49 2632 9586750