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on 13 Jun 2020

Pic 1-3 Mille Feuille
Pic 4-5 Torrija (Spanish French Toast)
Pic 6-7 Tarte de Queso (Cheesecake)
My interests for study (because I love it) are always tarte de queso and torrija first but the mille feuille also looked great so i had them in two separate visits. They all came out to be quite different from classic ones. Mille Feuille has much harder pastry layers than I expected (as you can hear the sound from the previous video) but flavor of the cream was great.
Torrija was actually made with... More

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Calle Médico Manero Mollà, 7, 03001 Alicante (Alacant), Alicante, Spain


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+34 965 14 44 44