Ramen at Warito (和利道)

Ramen at Warito (和利道)

at Warito (和利道) on 16 August 2020
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Recommended bowl: Tsukemen pro

Warito's master, Kazutoshi Kumagai, trained at Tetsu, the celebrated tsukemen shop in Bunkyo. Just like Tetsu, Warito's speciality is a potent tonkotsu-gyokai tsukemen. The soup is pork-based for lunch and chicken-based for dinner, noodles supplied by Murakami Asahi Seimen.

Kumagai-san has adopted Tetsu's signature 'yaki-ishi' baked stone trick, too. After crushing your noodles and adding the customary 'wari-soup' to your condensed tsukemen soup to make it drinkable, you'll probably find that the soup has become room temperature. Just request a 'yaki-ishi' from the staff and you'll be given a sizzling hot stone to drop directly into your soup. Soon it will be bubbling and piping hot again. Open since 2009.

8 / 10