Ramen at Do Miso (ど・みそ 京橋本店)

Ramen at Do Miso (ど・みそ 京橋本店)

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Recommended bowl: Tokyo-style miso

The master of Do Miso, Kenji Saitou, spent a decade working as a systems engineer before breaking from the salaryman life to pursue his passion for ramen. He spent eight months apprenticing before launching his own shop. Do Miso is now one of the most prominent miso ramen brands in Tokyo. According to staff, the 'Do' in the shop name is short for 'dokonjou,' a Japanese word meaning grit and perseverance. Miso determination indeed.

Do Miso describes its bowl as 'Tokyo-style miso ramen.' The soup is a creamy miso larded with suspended bits of pork back fat. Options for spicy and various toppings available on the ticket machine. Do Miso has several shops across the Kanto area, but the head branch near Kyobashi station remains the best. Just a 10-minute walk from Tokyo station.

7 / 10