Ramen at Tanaka Shouten (田中商店)

Ramen at Tanaka Shouten (田中商店)

at Tanaka Shouten (田中商店) on 19 November 2018
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Recommended bowl: Top Hakata tonkotsu

Tanaka Shouten is a landmark on the Tokyo ramen scene. The shop has commanded respect as one of Tokyo's finest Hakata-style tonkotsu shops since its debut in 2000. There's nothing cutting-edge or innovative going on here, just a beautiful authentic bowl of Hakata tonkotsu just as you would find in Fukuoaka City, Japan's tonkotsu capital – creamy-smooth pork-bone soup; thin straight noodles; negi and wood ear mushroom for toppings.

Standard 'kaedama,' or noodle refill service, is available (just tell the staff 'kaedama' and pay about 100 yen for a second helping of noodles). Additional self-service toppings of pickled ginger, garlic and sesame seeds are on the table.

Fairly huge by Tokyo standards, the shop seats over 35 people. It's also open until 4am. Hakata-tonkotsu is commonly eaten as a late-night snack in Fukuoka. Tanaka Shouten you covered whenever you the pork cravings strike.

Tanaka Shouten now has seven branches in Japan, including another shop nearby named Tanaka Soba, which serves Kitakata-style ramen. All of their shops are respectable, but this is the O.G. and best of them all.

8 / 10