Ramen at Soupmen (スープメン)

Ramen at Soupmen (スープメン)

at Soupmen (スープメン) on 16 October 2019
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Recommended bowl: New menu every day

The only ramen available at this shop is 'honjitsu no ramen,’ or 'today's ramen.’ The ‘daily’ ramen changes everyday and the master announces the soup on Twitter. Usually a double soup or some kind of combination using chicken or fish, with noodles supplied by Sapporo Seimen. Only premium ingredients are used. You have to check Twitter before going to see if it's open or closed, hours and daily menu: @Soupmen2

For those familiar with the clothing brand Supreme, you may notice some resemblance with the shop logo. The bowls here are one of a kind, something new everyday. This shop has been open since October 2018, and has a consistent stream of regular customers. If there's one ramen shop worthy of multiple visits, surely this is it.

9 / 10