Ramen at Rinsuzu (りんすず食堂)

Ramen at Rinsuzu (りんすず食堂)

at Rinsuzu (りんすず食堂) on 28 August 2018
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Recommended bowl: Lemon ramen...

Rinsuzu has received regular media attention since it opened in 2010. The master's specialty is shoyu ramen, but they also serve tsukemen, tantanmen and a tasty chicken tempura topping. But it’s Rinsuzu's oddball offering – lemon ramen – that continues to capture the public imagination.

This is a simple bowl of shoyu ramen, topped with a full layer of lemon slices. Of course, the lemons can be eaten, if eating raw lemons is your thing. The concept becomes clear when you take a sip of the soup – still a characteristically soothing shoyu, but spiked with a refreshing, lemony punch. Simplicity seems to be the master's goal in this bowl; toppings must be ordered separately.

All of the dishes at Rinsuzu are skillfully prepared – this guy knows his stuff. If you're with a group, we recommend ordering a few different bowls to share.

7 / 10