Ramen at Oyaji (ラーメンおやじ 町田店)

Ramen at Oyaji (ラーメンおやじ 町田店)

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Recommended bowl: Sweet golden miso

Oyaji serves miso ramen in the traditional style of Sapporo, Japan's miso ramen capital. During the prep process, miso and soup stock are tossed into a large wok and flash-cooked over high heat. The noodles – provided by a Sapporo-based noodle-maker – are eggy and served al dente. The cabbage and bean sprout toppings also get a quick bout in the wok over high flame before going into the bowl. Chashu tops it off.

The noodles, chashu and veg are all very satisfying, but it's the soup alone that elevates Oyaji to the next level. It's a blend of two varieties of Sapporo white miso, honeyed with a spectacular secret ingredient: Dutch lard imported all the way from Holland. It's rich, creamy and has an unmistakable sweetness.

Oyaji's head branch is in Sagamihara in Kanagawa Prefecture, and they have three shops in the Tokyo area. But this branch in Machida is considered by many to be the best. The shop has a friendly rustic atmosphere too. Order the Oyaji men set, which comes with a side of tasty gyoza.

6 / 10