Ramen at Menya Shō (麺屋 翔)

Ramen at Menya Shō (麺屋 翔)

at Menya Shou (麺屋 翔) on 21 December 2019
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Recommended bowl: Sapporo miso master

Menya Shou is run by Hokkaido native Nozomi Oohashi. For the first few years the shop operated beneath the radar, but then Oohashi-san was featured on a Tokyo TV show that pairs relatively unknown ramen shops with a famous ramen master who can train them and take their shop to the next level. The experience had the desired effect: Today, Menya Shou is considered one of the top shops in the Shinjuku area.

Oohashi-san is best known for his shio ramen, but the shop also serves shoyu ramen and tsukemen. Menya Shou's official recommendation is the kousai tori-dashi ajitama shio ramen. Although the light, chicken-based shio soup is clean and clear, it carries a rich umami undertone.

A Sapporo-style miso ramen is served only on Wednesdays. Oohashi-san is originally from Sapporo, the miso ramen capital of Japan. His version is a picture-perfect take on the classic dish, with curly yellow noodles; piping-hot, creamy, savory miso-based soup; and freshly grated ginger on top. There are three types of miso used in the soup, and Oohashi-san makes minor adjustments to the taste every week. This bowl can compete with any of the top shops in Sapporo, but alas, only available on Wednesdays.

8 / 10