Ramen at Kissou (麺屋 吉左右)

Ramen at Kissou (麺屋 吉左右)

at Menya Kissou (麺屋吉左右) on 19 January 2019
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Recommended bowl: Potent & masterful

Kissou has consistently been ranked one of the top bowls in Tokyo for years. The shop is run by a dedicated husband and wife team, with no support staff. The husband makes the ramen, while the wife handles the customers. They run a strict but efficient system, and the bowls are delicious. Photos of the ramen are allowed, but no other pictures may be taken inside the shop.

Kissou serves a double soup of tonkotsu and gyokai, with a velvety, umami-rich soup. The noodles are house-made, and the egg topping is elite level. Both the tsukemen and ramen are worth trying, keep in mind it's only open for a few hours during lunch.

9 / 10