Ramen at Clam & Bonito raik (貝節麺 raik)

Ramen at Clam & Bonito raik (貝節麺 raik)

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Recommended bowl: Shellfish & katsuo

This spinoff shop from the RAIK brand opened in March of 2018. The original RAIK sits nearby and specializes in katsuo (skipjack tuna) and chicken, while this one is all about the magical pairing of katsuo and shellfish. There are multiple bowls on the menu, which rotate depending on what is available at the market. The first bowl offered is a double soup made from asari clams, hamaguri clams, honbinosu clams, shiitake mushrooms, kombu, sababushi and multiple types of katsuo. The second regular soup is made from fresh sea bream, flatfish, salmon, hamaguri clams and crabs. Some of the fish ingredients change slightly depending on what is available though.The house tare contains kombu, shiitake mushrooms, katsuo and three varieties of salt. The noodles are supplied by Kanno seimen, same as the original RAIK shop.

For the tokusei bowls, three varieties of chashu are included: Slow-cooked chicken breast with katsuo powder (using birds sourced from Tottori prefecture), slow-cooked pork shoulder with homemade tare sauce, and broiled pork belly.

8 / 10