Ramen at Miso Matador  (みそ味専門 マタドール)

Ramen at Miso Matador  (みそ味専門 マタドール)

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Recommended bowl: Best beef-bone miso

Miso Matador is master Miso Matador is master Iwatate-san's follow-up to Matador, the wildly delicious and rightfully famous gyukotsu institution in Kita-Senju. Here, Iwatate-san makes miso ramen using a rich beef broth as the base.

The broth is balanced, creamy and smooth. The noodles, served firm, are sourced from Mikawaya Seimen, the toppings are diverse and decadent: rare roast beef, lotus root, tomatoes, green onion, bean sprouts, and various roasted beef parts.

There are several other ramen and tsukemen options on the menu. Order anything that strikes you as appealing. You can't go wrong when you're in Iwatate-san's hand

8 / 10