Ramen at Men no Youji  (麺のようじ)

Ramen at Men no Youji (麺のようじ)

at Menno Youji (麺のようじ) on 24 August 2019
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Recommended bowl: Chicken & Shio

Men no Youji is a casual laid back shop. Signatures from countless celebrities and idols who have patronized the business adorn the walls; almost always a good sign. The menu is quite expansive and numerous dishes look enticing. If unsure what to order, the recommended bowl, tori shio ramen, comes with a chicken and vegetable based soup and shio tare topped with chicken chashu, green and white negi, katsuobushi, menma, radish sprouts, puffed rice and egg. Noodles are special ordered. Originally open in 2013, with a renewed opening and new concept in 2014.

8 / 10