Ramen at Ryū (	らーめん工房 龍)

Ramen at Ryū ( らーめん工房 龍)

at Ryū ( らーめん工房 龍) on 28 August 2018
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Recommended bowl: Elite Hakata tonkotsu

This is one of the highest ranked bowls of tonkotsu ramen in the pork mecca of Kyushu — a true destination shop. The Japanese kanji that make up the shop name mean ‘ramen factory dragon.’ They serve a rich and fatty pork soup with incredible balance. Thin, straight noodles and chashu that is beloved by many. Fried rice and rice balls on the side. Counter seating and zashiki style ‘tatami mat’ seating, with an interesting sheet of clear plastic separating the kitchen from the counter. Always a line, with people coming from all around Japan to taste this authentic goodness.

8 / 10