Ramen at Umami  (極汁美麺 umami )

Ramen at Umami (極汁美麺 umami )

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Recommended bowl: Chicken & water

Master Yajima-san previously worked at the famous shops Tsuta and Tantantei in Tokyo before opening up his own place in Higashi-Osaka, which he now runs with his wife. The soup contains whole chickens from Nara (Yamato Nikudori brand), and chicken bones from Miyazaki, respectively. Only chicken and water go into the soup; nothing else. MSG free of course. To make 18 L of soup, 24 kg of chicken go into the pot. Choice of shoyu or shio tare, and house-made noodles made daily in the shop. Topped with shungiku leaves and usually only open for lunch. Since 2016.

9 / 10