Lunch at Momofuku Ko

Lunch at Momofuku Ko

at Momofuku Ko on 21 July 2017
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Momofuku Ko has enjoyable flavor transitions as well as a few items that I always crave and remember, long after I’ve left.
Tasting Menu $195 Counter
2017 Michelin Stars **
2017 World’s 50 Best No. 58
Owner/Chef David Chang
Executive Chef Sean Gray

TIPS There is a five-course menu for $75 or a six-course menu for $90, walk-in only at dinner.

Momofuku Ko
David Chang
Sean Gray

Cookbooks at Momofuku Ko

Pomme Souffle

Lobster Paloise. This is Momofuku Ko’s take on a lobster roll. The pastry is wrapped around a metal tube then brushed with maple syrup and butter before it is baked. It’s filled with a lobster salad then topped with paloise sauce which is a béarnaise sauc

Sea Urchin, Chickpea, Hozon, Lemon, Olive Oil. Uni can have as much variance between canned bean and ones from the garden.This dish implements a twist that slightly mutes one of the characteristics of uni that some people don’t like. The acidity of the le

Preparing the Ko Egg, Caviar

Ko Egg, Caviar, Benímosu (Purple Sweet Potato Vinegar), Onion Soubise, Potato Chips, Greens, Caviar

Foie Gras, Lychee, Pine Nut, Riesling Jelly

Konro grill at Momofuku Ko. Every counter seat at Momofuku Ko grants a front row view of whatever is being made on their Japanese-style konro grill. Bintochan is white charcoal often used in the konro grill. It produces very little smoke, generates some s

Beef, Au Poivre

Razor Clam, Pineapple, Basil. While I haven't posted all the courses here, this dish following the beef and preceding the lobster was a magnificent transition.

Lobster, Lobster Mushroom

Pork, Cabbage. This dish had just come on the menu at the time of our visit. Cooked tender with a sightly sharp acidity from the cabbage dressing and softest whisper of sweetness in the glaze.

Japanese Cheesecake

Wild Rice, Kombu

Jasmine Rice, Macerated Strawberry, Sweet Pickled Pepper

Momofuko Ko menu and take-home treat

Ko Hozon Brownie

Japanese Cheesecake as big as my face. Special takeaway treat.