Lunch at Marisol

Lunch at Marisol

at Marisol on 17 October 2017
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Marisol restaurant is named after the late Venezuelan artist, Maria Sol Escobar. The MCA’s first-ever donated piece was her sculpture “Six Women.” Like her pal Andy Warhol, Marisol was a bit of a mystery, often confusing people with her humor and her varied styles of art. It is said that she used to like to order late-night steak and eggs in New York’s Soho neighborhood. There is a sandwich on the menu (pictured below) created as an homage to Marisol.

Located in the Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago, Marisol is open for lunch and dinner. Just outside of the main dining room is The Street, their bakery serving coffee and pastries with small tables and communal work stations.

– During the summer and warmer months, there is a farmer’s market in front of the MCA on Tuesdays.
– Admission to the museum is free to Illinois residents on Tuesdays.

Chef: Jason Hammel (Marisol, The Street, Lula Cafe)


jason hammel

Marisol at Museum of Contemporary Art, Chicago

Marisol Dining Room

Burrata Toast, Candied Squash, Persimmon, Charred Ginger ($14)

Pear and Kohlrabi, Endive, Chestnut, White Sesame ($14)

"Spring Street Diner, 3AM" Griddled Steak, Spring Onion Jam,($14)

Autumn Nicoise, Confit Swordfish, Potatoes, Marinated Beans ($18)

Marisol Menu