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Julemont - Chateau Wittem Wittem

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on 28 Mar 2024

The Castle @restaurant_julemont

- Hamachi, jalapeño, aguachile, caviar -
- John Dory, white asparagus, eel, peas -
- Scallop, truffle, hazelnut, jerusalem artichoke -
- Langoustine, pata negra, artichoke, escabeche -
- Red mullet, sepia, mala, cocos, mango -
- Lamb, morel, ras el hanout, eggplant, mint -
- Strawberry, goat yogurt, rhubarb, green shiso -

Big flavours by @guidobraeken


on 04 May 2021

Restaurant Chateau Wittem - Wittem (NDL)
Always a great joy to discover talented “newbies”.
This completely refurbished magical castle charms culinary creations by the team of @guidobraeken
Just started in April, you will be thrilled by the passion & creativity
Need to be mentioned for sure, the winepairing by @philippbock
This place is Michelin 🌟 material by all means
Do hurry yourself to enjoy to feel yourself as The Knight of Wittem
🔥Mustgo spot🔥
#foodie... More

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Wittemer Allee 3, 6286 AA Wittem, Netherlands


Open hours


+31 43 450 1208